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A pedestrian accident can be painful, disorienting, and more serious than you think.

A surprising number of people are killed or injured by cars every year while they are walking. Accidents like these result in serious injuries, emergency room visits, and lost workdays. Permanent disabilities, paralysis, brain injuries, and even death can result. Such an accident can have a big impact on your health and finances.

Has someone else’s negligence caused you or a loved one to have a pedestrian accident? Speeding vehicles, poor visibility, and a host of other factors can be the cause; and if you’re injured, you could be owed compensation.

An OnderLaw pedestrian accident lawyer has the experience to help.

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Receiving compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries is not always easy or straightforward. When a personal injury claim is filed, you must have a strong case prepared and convincing evidence to present against the responsible party. In addition, there will be numerous challenges from opposing lawyers and insurance companies.

Our qualified personal injury attorneys possess decades of combined experience in successfully litigating pedestrian injury cases.

When you become our client, we do more than just take on your case. We provide you with unsurpassed support and surround you with resources designed to remove as much of the burden of the court case from you as possible.

We provide you with

a qualified legal team

Chosen for your case, based on the information you provide

a compassionate legal care team

Dedicated to keeping you connected to your case

a network of service providers

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We keep you at the center of everything we do.

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We recognize that you have a choice of legal options after being injured. You may even be trying to decide if a lawsuit is the best option for you.

Our legal care team uses our considerable resources to gather evidence to prove that the driver was at fault and then presents a compelling case during negotiations with insurance companies. 

Factors such as these can have a big impact on the outcome you’ll have. The right experience and skill level needed to sort through all the important details of your case can go a long way toward helping you get the best result.

Your OnderLaw lawyer will

  • evaluate your case and help you understand your options
  • start investigating your claims, gathering evidence to prove your case and identifying who was responsible for the injuries you suffered 
  • determine the compensation you might be entitled to
  • handle paperwork and negotiations on your behalf and keep track of important deadlines


We represent you in negotiations with legal representatives so you don’t have to deal with them. We can negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf or, if necessary, fight for maximum possible compensation in court. 

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How can we help you?

You may be entitled to damages, including expenses incurred because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Although the first thing that comes to mind is often hospital bills, severe injuries from pedestrian accidents can affect your quality of life in many ways. 

You could be eligible to receive compensation not just for hospital costs but for

  • past and future medical bills
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of consortium (loss of comfort, care, and society)
  • emotional distress
  • pain and suffering
  • property damage
  • lost wages
  • lost earning capacity
  • out-of-pocket expenses
  • psychological trauma

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How can we help you?

Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be scary. Understandably, your primary concern may be dealing with your injuries.

But there are some simple, important steps you should take after the accident to help give you the best chance possible at receiving fair compensation:

Get medical help immediately. You could be in shock and pain, which might take hours or even days to set in. Seeing a medical professional helps establish that you were involved in a pedestrian accident and immediately sought treatment. Gaps or delays in treatment can hinder valid compensation claims.

Document everything you can and, if possible, take photos. A visual record of the scene of the accident site and the at-fault driver and vehicle is key. If you are physically able, you should ask witnesses for their names and contact information. Write down the date, time, exact location, and other details. File an accident report with law enforcement.

Contact an attorney. The best way to get fair compensation for your injuries is to hire an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. 

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How can we help you?

Our qualified personal injury attorneys possess decades of combined experience in successfully litigating pedestrian injury cases.

The types of cases we’ve handled are accidents that include pedestrians who have been

  • struck walking through intersections
  • hit by drivers operating their vehicles at unsafe speeds
  • struck by trucks, cars, ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, and bicycles
  • struck by scooters operated unsafely or illegally
  • struck by drunk- or drug-intoxicated drivers
  • struck by commercial trucks
  • involved in multiple vehicle accidents or involving more than one pedestrian

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How can we help you?

You pay no upfront fees for us to represent you

If you’ve suffered a pedestrian accident injury, the damage isn’t just physical and emotional; it’s also economic. OnderLaw avoids adding to your stress because we don’t expect any payment in advance.

We work on a contingency basis. That means there are no upfront costs for our services. In fact, we don’t take our legal fees unless we recover compensation.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay. So you can focus on moving forward.

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OnderLaw strives to make a difference by fighting for ordinary people who were harmed by the negligence of others.

We take on the challenge of fighting your case not only to make sure clients are compensated for their suffering but to hold negligent parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Making you feel supported and cared for throughout your case is the most important part of our work. Get started today to see how we can help.

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Jabar Gaddie

For them to have already have met for settlement talks in my case is quite impressive. I have never had any communication issues with them. They are quite thorough and have no problem updating you on your case, just give them a call. Be proactive in your communication with them and patient as they fight for us. I understand concerns regarding the time frame, I often daydream of being financially secure and providing a better life for my family, that day will come. I trust Onder Law.

Suzanne Reynolds

I have nothing but confidence in Onder Law Firm. I’ve had the honor of meeting several of their staff at a social event and my fiance has since signed with them to handle a claim against a company. What alot of these people who have left bad reviews about them fail to realize is that their types of cases don’t get resolved overnight, they have a massive caseload on top of an already delayed court system, and they’re not going to call you just to say they have no update on your case They are going up against billion and trillion dollar companies who have an endless supply of resources. Be patient and let your attorneys do what they do…… THEY WILL WIN FOR YOU AND THEY WILL WIN BIG. They’ve never hidden the fact that the process will be long. But it WILL be worth it.

Robert Read

They are so friendly and caring. I trust them. They are doing the right thing for me and my family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you get hurt due to someone else’s negligence, there are steps you should take at the accident scene to help ensure you can recover the maximum available compensation. As long as you are able and it’s safe, try to obtain as much relevant evidence as possible.

Speak to witnesses. If anyone saw what happened, talk to them about the details leading up to the incident. Write down names and phone numbers so you can contact witnesses later if necessary. 

Take pictures. If you were hurt in a place where there was a hazard, damage, or something else that caused the accident, take photos of yourself, the vehicle, even areas of your body where you were bruised (which can change over time) to use as evidence. Important evidence could get lost or destroyed, so document it immediately if possible.

Request insurance information. In most situations, the at-fault party should have liability insurance that could cover your medical treatment and other costs. For instance, if you were hit by a car, the driver probably has auto insurance. If possible, be sure to get those details before leaving the accident scene.

Seek medical attention. No matter how severe you think your injury is, you should be seen by a doctor immediately after the incident. A thorough evaluation will determine the severity of your injuries. If you’re told to follow up with other medical providers, do so.

Document everything. Medical evidence is crucial in proving you sustained injuries due to the accident and not from a preexisting condition or previous event. 

The value of a pedestrian accident case often depends on the severity of the injury. 

With so many factors affecting the value of a case, one way to determine what yours is worth is to contact an experienced pedestrian-accident injury attorney who can review the specifics of your case and give you a reasonable estimate. 

Make sure to officially report the accident. If the police are involved, request a copy of their report or ask where you can obtain it. If it’s not immediately available, your pedestrian injury lawyer will request a copy of the accident report for you.

If the at-fault motorist doesn’t carry liability auto insurance, you can file a claim with your insurance company. Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) insurance provides compensation to accident victims if

  • the negligent driver doesn’t have insurance,
  • the available liability coverage isn’t high enough to compensate for the total damages,
  • or the accident was due to a hit-and-run driver.

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedestrian accidents, especially fatal ones, tend to occur at certain times, certain areas, and to specific groups of people. 

  • 75% of pedestrian accidents occur at nighttime.
  • 80% of pedestrian accidents happen in urban instead of rural areas, and 73% of them occur in locations other than intersections.
  • More than 70% of pedestrians killed by these types of accidents are men.
  • Alcohol impairment by the driver and/or pedestrian was reported in nearly half of traffic crashes that resulted in a pedestrian fatality.

According to a 2019 report by the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), the number of pedestrian fatalities (6,227) that occurred in 2018 was the highest in nearly three decades. 

New data from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) projects that 2020 had the largest ever annual increase in the rate at which drivers struck and killed people on foot. The most likely causes are speeding, drunk and drugged driving, and distraction, as well as reckless driving, which were especially rampant on U.S. roads during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those factors, combined with infrastructure issues that have prioritized the movement of motor vehicles over walking and bicycling, have made the roads increasingly dangerous for pedestrians. 

These are just a few common situations that are fueling the increase in accidents: 

  • failure to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at intersections
  • speeding
  • vehicles ignoring road signs or stoplights
  • drunk- or drug-intoxicated drivers
  • accidents caused by commercial truck drivers
  • accidents caused by multiple vehicles and involving more than one pedestrian

Whatever the details of your case, our team will perform a thorough independent investigation into local laws, signage, witnesses or recordings, intoxication factors, and medical records to get the fullest possible picture of the incident.

When a heavy vehicle collides with the human body in a pedestrian accident, serious injuries are often the result. Many of these injuries require extensive and costly medical treatment, and some may require lasting, if not permanent, rehabilitation. Here are just a few common injuries you may receive compensation for: 

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • broken bones and fractures
  • facial disfigurement
  • spinal injuries
  • partial or complete paralysis
  • torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • sprains
  • lacerations
  • internal organ injuries
  • wrongful death