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For motorcycle riders, few things are more exciting than hitting the open road. Unfortunately, it can be a very dangerous place. In an accident your body takes the full force, and without any safety cage or other reinforcements for protection, you’re at high risk of serious injury.

An OnderLaw motorcycle accident lawyer has the experience to help you get compensation for your injuries, no matter how complex your case.

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A motorcycle crash is frequently a life-changing event. Because our attorneys handle every aspect of your injury claim, you can put your attention where it’s needed most: on healing and recovery.

Our over 20-year track record of success demonstrates our skill in cases of this type. But what makes us different is the care and support we surround you with. We communicate with you regularly to keep you updated on your case.

But before we do any of that we ask about you. We start with a few simple questions to match you with the right lawyer. For example: Have your injuries been treated? How would you like us to communicate with you? Have you spoken to the police? The more we know, the better we can represent you.

When you become our client, we do more than just take on your case. We provide you with unsurpassed support and surround you with resources designed to remove as much of the burden of the court case from you as possible.

We provide you with

a qualified legal team

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a compassionate legal care team

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We keep you at the center of everything we do.

OnderLaw has decades of experience handling motorcycle accident cases and has won over $4 billion in judgments for clients. We’ll investigate the cause of the crash, obtain evidence to prove who was at fault for your injuries, and fight for the maximum compensation you may deserve.

The injury claims process is essential to ensuring your rights are protected and you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. You can feel confident that we’ll use every resource to secure a favorable outcome for you. In addition, we will

  • request a copy of the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy
  • file the injury claim on your behalf, ensuring that every deadline is met
  • thoroughly investigate your accident, including seeking out any eyewitnesses
  • obtain evidence proving the other driver was at fault for the accident and caused your injuries
  • negotiate a settlement with the insurance adjuster
  • prepare your case to go to trial if the insurance company fails to offer you a fair settlement

Most cases settle before going to trial, but if it becomes necessary to file suit, we’ll guide you through each step of the process. When we represent you in court, we will do the following:

  • Prepare documents. We’ll draft a complaint, laying out all the elements of the case, and a summons that notifies the defendant that they’re required to appear in court on a specific date. We’ll then file these documents with the appropriate civil court.
  • Serve the complaint and summons. We’ll hire a process server to deliver the documents and hand them over to the defendant.
  • Begin discovery. After the defendant files their answer to our complaint, your Onder attorney and the defendant’s attorney will request copies of evidence. We’ll also file documents asking each party to answer questions concerning the case and submit documents needed to investigate the accident.
  • Schedule depositions. During discovery, we may schedule a deposition to ask the defendant questions under oath about the case. It is conducted in front of the defendant’s attorney and recorded by a court reporter.
  • Request mediation. We may request a meeting with the defendant, their attorney, and a mediator to try to reach a settlement agreement. If we agree to compensation that you believe is fair, we can avoid going to trial.
  • Prepare for trial. If we’re unable to settle during mediation, we will begin to prepare for trial, gathering evidence, locating witnesses to testify, and preparing our arguments for court.

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How can we help you?

Deciding to file a lawsuit against a negligent party is a big decision. 

However, it’s important to remember that the lawsuit is simply a means of recovering the financial compensation you need to recover from your physical and/or emotional trauma. And you should know that rarely do lawsuits result in out-of-pocket costs for the party you bring suit against.

Instead, it’s usually their insurance that will cover the cost. In fact, these reasons are exactly why people carry insurance—to protect them financially in the event of an accident. In addition, what is more likely to happen is that a claim against the insurance company will be filed and you’ll reach a settlement, so your case won’t have to go to court. But whether your claim is settled or eventually goes to court, the negligent party’s insurance still pays.

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How can we help you?

The first and most important thing is to acknowledge that you’ve been through an ordeal and need to focus on your health.

If an ambulance doesn’t take you to the hospital, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Once you do, there are several other important steps you should take:

  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the at-fault driver and, if possible, gather evidence from the accident scene (photos of the damaged vehicles, skid marks, stop lights, etc.).
  • Request a copy of the police accident report, which may include the contact and insurance information of the involved parties, as well as an opinion about the cause of the accident.
  • Immediately follow the treatment recommendations of the doctor who examines you. This might include imaging tests, surgery, physical therapy, or other forms of treatment. Delaying or skipping appointments could be seen as evidence that your injury wasn’t serious.
  • Gather any documents that might support your case, including medical records, medical bills, and receipts of any expenses related to your accident.
  • Keep a daily “pain journal” to track your physical pain and emotional distress, and to help prove the extent of the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of the accident.

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How can we help you?

Every case is unique so the amount of money you may be able to recover depends on the circumstances of your accident. If you’ve suffered financial, emotional, and physical losses for your injuries, you may be entitled to injury compensation and receive a settlement check for

  • past and future medical bills
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of consortium (loss of comfort, care, and society)
  • emotional distress
  • pain and suffering
  • property damage
  • lost wages
  • lost earning capacity
  • out-of-pocket expenses
  • psychological trauma

How can we help you?

Lawsuits are complex procedures. Your OnderLaw motorcycle accident attorney is prepared to take this on for you.

We start by preparing the necessary legal documents. A complaint lays out all the elements of a case: what happened, who caused it, and why we’re suing for damages. We’ll also typically prepare a summons to send to the defendant, notifying them that the at-fault party must appear in court for the complaint.

We walk you through each step of the process, we help you with every document, and we obtain all evidence you need so you can focus on your recovery.

How can we help you?

You pay no upfront fees
for us to represent you

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, the damage isn’t just physical and emotional; it’s financial. OnderLaw works on a contingency basis. That means there are no upfront costs for our services.

In fact, we don’t take our legal fees unless we recover compensation. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.


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OnderLaw strives to make a difference by fighting for ordinary people who were harmed by the negligence of others.

We take on the challenge of fighting your case not only to make sure clients are compensated for their suffering but to hold negligent parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Making you feel supported and cared for throughout your case is the most important part of our work. Get started today to see how we can help.

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Jabar Gaddie

For them to have already have met for settlement talks in my case is quite impressive. I have never had any communication issues with them. They are quite thorough and have no problem updating you on your case, just give them a call. Be proactive in your communication with them and patient as they fight for us. I understand concerns regarding the time frame, I often daydream of being financially secure and providing a better life for my family, that day will come. I trust Onder Law.

Suzanne Reynolds

I have nothing but confidence in Onder Law Firm. I’ve had the honor of meeting several of their staff at a social event and my fiance has since signed with them to handle a claim against a company. What alot of these people who have left bad reviews about them fail to realize is that their types of cases don’t get resolved overnight, they have a massive caseload on top of an already delayed court system, and they’re not going to call you just to say they have no update on your case They are going up against billion and trillion dollar companies who have an endless supply of resources. Be patient and let your attorneys do what they do…… THEY WILL WIN FOR YOU AND THEY WILL WIN BIG. They’ve never hidden the fact that the process will be long. But it WILL be worth it.

Robert Read

They are so friendly and caring. I trust them. They are doing the right thing for me and my family.